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Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Explaining Room Facilities (Practice)

Praktik selanjutnya menjelaskan fasilitas kamar kepada tamu, anda coba gunakan bilingual, bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Inggris.  Contoh percakapan dalam bahasa Inggris adalah sebagai berikut.

Explaining The Room Facilities

The room facilities are equipment in the room and usually explained by bellboy to the guest

Bellboy :                 Here your telephone sir, if you need something please dial any department of our hotel directly, such as if you any unsatisfying service, just dial our reception, the number is 01. If you would like to make outside calls, please through our operator, the number is 02.
                                 The telephone directory is also provided
Television and Radio
Bellboy :          Your Television and radio are operated by fixed remote control on your  bedside table. The list of the channels is provided on top of it.
Bellboy :                 If you would like the temperature cooler or warmer, you may operate the air-conditioning. Our air-conditioning is the central system.
Mini Bar
Bellboy :           We provide your room with Mini Bar sir. If you take something, it will be charged. The price list is provided on top of it. Our Mini Bar Attendant will check it everyday.
Bellboy  :           Your bathroom is equipped with bathtub, hot water, cold water, hair dryer, shaving socket, and bath supplies. Hot water is from the red water tap, and the cold water is from the blue water tap. If you need the warm water just turn both of the tap together. The water is drinkable.
                                 If you use any electric equipment, our voltage is 220 Volt and 110 Volt.
Bellboy :                 Anything else sir?
Guest  :                   No, thank you for your explain
Before leaving the room, bellboy can put the Guest Card and Room Key on the table (dressing table)

Bellboy :                 Here your Guest Card and Room Key Mr and Mrs Mushlih.
                                The complete facilities and services of our hotel are in the directory on your bedside table
                                 I hope you enjoy staying with us
Guest  :                   Thank you for the service
Bellboy :                 Your welcome Mr and Mrs  Mushlih.
Leave the guest and close the door carefully. Do not for “TIPS”

Notes : Explaining above is depend on your room conditions/situation, so try your own ideas

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